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24 November, Monday

13:00 Sokol Krasnoyarskvs.Ermak bet
14:00 Saryarkavs.Kazzinc-Torpedo bet
14:30 Zauralievs.Rubin Tyumen bet
15:00 Yuzhny Uralvs.Chelmet bet
16:30 Lipetskvs.THC bet
16:30 Ariada-Akparsvs.Bars bet
16:30 Neftyanikvs.Ryazan bet
17:00 SKA-Kareliavs.Kuban bet

25 November, Tuesday

01:00 Pittsburghvs.Boston bet
01:00 Philadelphiavs.NY Islanders bet
01:30 Minnesotavs.Florida bet
01:30 Ottawavs.Detroit bet
01:00 Portlandvs.Philadelphia bet
01:00 L.A. Clippersvs.Charlotte bet
01:00 Orlandovs.Cleveland bet
01:30 Phoenixvs.Toronto bet
02:00 New Yorkvs.Houston bet
02:30 Indianavs.Dallas bet
03:00 Chicagovs.Utah bet
15:30 Izhstalvs.Molot-Prikamye bet
17:00 Dynamo Balashikhavs.Sarov bet
17:00 BATEvs.Porto bet
17:00 CSKA Moscowvs.Roma bet
19:45 PSGvs.Ajax bet
19:45 Shakhtar Dnvs.Athletic Club bet
19:45 Manchester Cityvs.Bayern bet
19:45 APOELvs.Barcelona bet
19:45 Schalke 04vs.Chelsea bet

26 November, Wednesday

01:00 Winnipegvs.Columbus bet
02:00 Ottawavs.Saint Louis bet
02:00 Los Angelesvs.Nashville bet
02:30 Edmontonvs.Dallas bet
03:00 Coloradovs.Arizona bet
04:00 Calgaryvs.Anaheim bet
04:00 New Jerseyvs.Vancouver bet
01:00 Atlantavs.Washington bet
01:30 Golden Statevs.Miami bet
02:00 Detroitvs.Milwaukee bet
02:00 Sacramentovs.New Orleans bet
03:00 Chicagovs.Denver bet
14:00 Saryarkavs.Ermak bet
15:00 Yuzhny Uralvs.Rubin Tyumen bet
16:30 Ariada-Akparsvs.Ryazan bet
16:30 Lipetskvs.Kuban bet
17:00 Zenitvs.Benfica bet
19:45 Arsenalvs.Dortmund bet
19:45 Ludogoretsvs.Liverpool bet
19:45 Baselvs.Real Madrid bet
19:45 Anderlechtvs.Galatasaray bet
19:45 Malmoevs.Juventus bet
19:45 Leverkusenvs.Monaco bet
19:45 Atletico Madridvs.Olympiacos bet

27 November, Thursday

01:00 Washingtonvs.NY Islanders bet
01:00 Winnipegvs.Buffalo bet
01:30 Rangersvs.Tampa Bay bet
01:30 Torontovs.Pittsburgh bet
01:30 Carolinavs.Florida bet
01:30 Philadelphiavs.Detroit bet
02:00 Los Angelesvs.Minnesota bet
03:00 Chicagovs.Colorado bet
04:30 Calgaryvs.San Jose bet
01:00 Washingtonvs.Cleveland bet
01:00 Golden Statevs.Orlando bet
01:00 Portlandvs.Charlotte bet
01:00 Brooklyn Netsvs.Philadelphia bet
01:30 Torontovs.Atlanta bet
01:30 New Yorkvs.Dallas bet
01:30 L.A. Clippersvs.Detroit bet
02:00 Sacramentovs.Houston bet
02:00 Milwaukeevs.Minnesota bet
02:00 Utahvs.Oklahoma bet
02:30 Indianavs.San Antonio bet
03:00 Denvervs.Phoenix bet
04:30 Memphisvs.L.A. Lakers bet
15:00 Torosvs.Molot-Prikamye bet
15:30 Izhstalvs.Sputnik bet
17:00 Buran Voronezhvs.Sarov bet
17:00 Dynamo Balashikhavs.Dizel bet

28 November, Friday

02:00 Edmontonvs.Nashville bet
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