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18 September, Thursday

17:00 Live! ATP Challanger, Quito bet
17:00 Live! Hugo Dellienvs.Anhelinos T. bet
17:00 Live! Zh.Granolers/H.Samper-Montanavs.Sh.Sabri/M.Safvat bet
18:00 Live! Gianni Minavs.Caio Silva bet
18:10 Live! G.Andreocci/G.Duranvs.R.Matos/M.Zormann bet
19:05 Live! Horacio Zeballosvs.Kevin King bet
19:45 Live! F.Bagnis/D.Shvarcmanvs.F.Romboli/T.Turini bet
20:00 Live! G.Klezar/ Paulavs.A.Ghem/F.Neis bet
21:00 Live! M.Demoliner/Zh.Sozavs.S.Galdos/M.Trundzhelliti bet
21:30 Live! Frederico Gaiovs.I.Klec bet
21:45 Live! Juan Londerovs.Eduardo Struvay bet
17:00 Live! ITF Tour, Albuquerque bet
17:00 Live! A.Begemann/Y.Noulvs.D.Inglot/F.Merga bet
17:30 Live! Gael Monfilsvs.Michal Przysiezny bet
18:45 Live! Zh.Shardi/L.Rosolvs.D.Marri/D.Marrey bet
19:00 Live! Jerzy Janowiczvs.Jarkko Nieminen bet
19:00 Live! Tour Championship bet
20:00 Live! Wigan Warriorsvs.Huddersfield bet
20:35 Live! Texasvs.Oakland bet
22:00 Live! Yokohama Tire LPGA Classic bet
22:15 Live! Racing Clubvs.Argentinos Juniors bet
23:30 Corinthiansvs.Chapecoense bet
23:30 Goiasvs.Atletico-MG bet

19 September, Friday

00:30 Gremiovs.Santos bet

18 September, Thursday

23:30 Caio Zampierivs.Richard Becker bet

19 September, Friday

00:30 Guido Pellavs.Nicolas Jarry bet
10:00 ATP Challanger, Izmir bet
10:00 ATP Challenger, Trnava bet
11:00 ATP Challenger, Meknes bet
14:30 ATP challenger, Campinas bet
00:05 Bostonvs.Pittsburgh bet
00:05 Torontovs.NY Yankees bet
00:10 Washingtonvs.Miami bet
01:05 LA Dodgersvs.Chi Cubs bet
01:10 Clevelandvs.Houston bet
01:15 Milwaukeevs.Saint Louis bet
01:40 Arizonavs.Colorado bet
02:10 Philadelphiavs.San Diego bet
03:05 Seattlevs.LA Angels bet
00:30 Auburnvs.Kansas State bet
00:30 Arkansasvs.Alabama State bet
01:00 Kansas Cityvs.Saprissa bet
03:00 Isidro Metapanvs.Heredia bet
03:00 Isidro Metapanvs.Herediano bet
01:15 River Platevs.Godoy Cruz bet
01:15 Boca Juniorsvs.Rosario Central bet
01:15 Emelecvs.River Plate bet
Am. football
01:25 Tampa Bayvs.Atlanta bet
02:55 Roostersvs.Cowboys bet
03:00 WTA Tour, Tokyo bet
04:00 WTA Tour, Seoul bet
04:00 WTA Tour, Guangzhou bet
10:30 ISPS Handa Wales Open bet
15:00 ISPS Handa Wales Open bet
10:50 Sydney Swansvs.North Melbourne bet
11:00 Singapore Grand Prix bet
14:30 Singapore Grand Prix bet
13:00 Sibirvs.Salavat Yulaev bet
14:30 Yugravs.Dynamo Riga bet
16:00 Neftekhimikvs.SKA bet
16:00 Ladavs.Jokerit bet
16:00 Sochivs.Metallurg Mg bet
16:30 Dynamo Moscowvs.Avtomobilist bet
16:30 Vityazvs.Aq Bars bet
13:00 ATP Tour, Metz bet
15:00 Slavia Sofiavs.Cherno More bet
16:00 Dizelvs.Sarov bet
16:00 THCvs.Lipetsk bet
16:00 Kubanvs.Buran Voronezh bet
16:00 SKA-Kareliavs.Dynamo Balashikha bet
16:00 Daugava Rigavs.Jurmala bet
16:00 Vysocinavs.Pribram bet
16:00 El Jaishvs.Lekhwiya bet
16:00 Al Khorvs.Al Sailiya bet
16:00 Dainavavs.Atlantas bet
16:30 Assatvs.Tappara bet
16:30 Gaz Metan Mediasvs.Viitorul bet
17:00 Slaskvs.Korona bet
17:00 Arsenal-Tulavs.Mordovya Saransk bet
17:00 Infonetvs.Kalev Sillamae bet
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