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A lot of discussions and disputes have been stirred up among watchers of online football when they one day discovered that is no longer functioning. Undoubtedly, that was a wonderful source of free links to all football events one could possibly wish to see, and it was rather disappointing to learn that is no longer to be found. The website operated on a p2p basis ? most probably, you know what it is and what advantages the p2p system offers. Convenience, endless variety of links to choose from and easiness of the whole thing were, of course, really very welcome. offers all that once did and more

It?s not an easy thing to adapt to the fact that you have lost the source you have surely been so fond of. And not quite necessary. Watching online football, streaming your favorite games and accessing as much football-related data is just as easy as it once was at ? the new alternative is, which has specially been created considering the needs and preferences of former users, that is, those who appreciate speed, quality, easiness and is aware of the numerous advantages offered by p2p sharing system.

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There are other alternatives to your favorite website which no longer operates, but most of them are not adequate to satisfy the needs of those who enjoyed myp2p sports.

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29 July, Tuesday

22:30 Live! Bojana Jovanovskivs.Olivia Rogowska bet
22:30 Live! Ana Ivanovicvs.Sabine Lisicki bet
23:00 Live! Kevin Andersonvs.Evgeny Donskoy bet

30 July, Wednesday

01:00 Live! Lleyton Hewittvs.Marinko Matosevic bet
02:30 Live! Jeremy Chardyvs.Tim Smyczek bet
12:00 ATP Tour, Kitzbuhel bet
21:00 ATP Tour, Washington bet
00:00 Live! Jimmy Wangvs.Thanasi Kokkinakis bet
00:00 Live! Chase Buchananvs.Sarkisan A. bet
01:30 Live! James Wardvs.Fritz Wolmarans bet
03:00 Live! Marcos Baghdatisvs.John Patrick Smith bet
09:00 ATP Challenger, Cortina bet
11:00 ATP Challenger, Liberec bet
11:00 ATP Challanger, Segovia bet
18:00 ATP Challanger, Vancouver bet
01:00 Live! Chicago Skyvs.San Antonio Silver Stars bet
01:00 Live! Seattle Stormvs.Tulsa Shock bet
03:00 Live! LA Sparksvs.Phoenix Mercury bet
01:05 Live! Coloradovs.Chi Cubs bet
01:05 Live! NY Yankeesvs.Texas bet
01:10 Live! Oaklandvs.Houston bet
01:10 Live! Minnesotavs.Kansas City bet
03:10 Live! Atlantavs.LA Dodgers bet
03:10 Live! Saint Louisvs.San Diego bet
03:15 Live! Pittsburghvs.San Francisco bet
17:10 Milwaukeevs.Tampa Bay bet
17:10 Philadelphiavs.NY Mets bet
17:35 Arizonavs.Cincinnati bet
17:40 Washingtonvs.Miami bet
19:10 Oaklandvs.Houston bet
20:45 Pittsburghvs.San Francisco bet
02:15 Live! Romavs.Real Madrid bet
03:00 Live! Tijuanavs.Zacatepec bet
03:00 Live! Correcaminosvs.Monterrey bet
03:00 Live! Venus Williamsvs.Paula Kania bet
04:30 Daniela Hantuchovavs.Paula Ormaechea bet
18:45 WTA Tour, Washington bet
19:00 WTA Tour, Stanford bet
21:00 WTA Tour, Washington bet
07:30 ITTF Challenger, Ochsenhausen bet
10:15 Hokkaido Fightersvs.Chiba Marines bet
11:00 Englandvs.India bet
11:00 Iwatavs.Kamatamare Sanuki bet
11:00 Fukuokavs.Shonan Bellmare bet
11:30 Thespa Kusatsuvs.Giravanz Kitakyushu bet
12:30 Shandong Lunengvs.Jiangsu Shuntian bet
12:30 Beijing Guoanvs.Dalian Aerbin bet
12:35 Zhejiang Green Townvs.Shanghai Shenhua bet
12:35 Tianjin Tedavs.Guizhou Renhe bet
12:45 Shanghai Shenxinvs.Shanghai East Asia bet
13:00 Harbin Yitengvs.Guangzhou bet
13:00 Muang Thong Utdvs.Almeria bet
16:30 Fulhamvs.Simurq bet
17:00 Lithuaniavs.Georgia bet
18:00 Sturm Grazvs.Hamburg bet
18:30 Vitessevs.Chelsea bet
18:30 Barivs.Marseille bet
18:30 Sionvs.Benfica bet
19:25 Francevs.Belgium bet
13:30 Tour de Wallonie bet
16:00 Tour of Portugal bet
16:00 Aktobevs.Steaua bet
16:30 Karabakhvs.Salzburg bet
17:00 AELvs.Zenit bet
17:00 Dniprovs.Kobenhavn bet
17:00 HJKvs.APOEL bet
18:00 Grasshoppersvs.Lille bet
19:00 Feyenoordvs.Besiktas bet
19:00 Ludogoretsvs.Partizan bet
19:00 Standardvs.Panathinaikos bet
19:15 Aalborgvs.Dinamo Zagreb bet
19:45 Legiavs.Celtic bet
18:30 Universidad Catolicavs.Mushuc Runa bet
19:15 Los Caimanesvs.Cesar Vallejo bet
21:45 Cajamarcavs.Juan Aurich bet
23:00 Americavs.Atletico Madrid bet

31 July, Thursday

00:00 DC Unitedvs.Toronto bet
00:00 Manchester Cityvs.Liverpool bet
00:05 LA Angelsvs.Baltimore bet
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