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23 February, Sunday

20:00 Albanyvs.Utica Comets bet
20:00 Manchestervs.Worcester bet
20:00 Springfieldvs.Norfolk bet
16:45 Munichvs.Cologne bet
12:00 Canadavs.Sweden bet

22 February, Saturday

19:00 Belfast Giantsvs.Coventry Blaze bet
15:00 USAvs.Finland bet
13:00 Dynamo Balashikhavs.Lipetsk bet
13:00 Ryazanvs.Zauralie bet
13:00 Kubanvs.Kristall Saratov bet
13:00 THCvs.VMF bet
13:00 Ariada-Akparsvs.Sokol Krasnoyarsk bet
13:00 Dizelvs.Sputnik bet
13:00 Sarovvs.Rubin Tyumen bet
13:00 Neftyanikvs.Ermak bet
13:00 Ladavs.Kazzinc-Torpedo bet
11:00 Saryarkavs.Izhstal bet
11:00 Yuzhny Uralvs.Molot-Prikamye bet
11:00 Chelmetvs.Toros bet
02:30 Coloradovs.Denver bet
02:00 Michigan Statevs.Wisconson-Milwaukee bet
00:00 Cornellvs.Quinnipiac bet
00:00 Boston Collegevs.Notre Dame bet
00:00 Saint Cloudvs.Miami bet

21 February, Friday

23:30 Penn Statevs.Michigan bet

22 February, Saturday

01:30 Texasvs.Charlotte Checkers bet
01:00 Milwaukeevs.Abbotsford Heat bet
01:00 Rockfordvs.Chicago Wolves bet
00:30 Worcestervs.St. John's IceC. bet
00:30 Hamiltonvs.Binghamton Senators bet
00:30 Lake Erievs.Iowa Wild bet
00:00 Manchestervs.Springfield bet
00:00 Rochestervs.San Antonio bet
00:00 Syracuse Crunchvs.Utica Comets bet
00:00 Grand Rapids Gr.vs.Oklahoma City bet
00:00 Adirondack Phant.vs.Albany bet
00:00 Hartford Wolf Packvs.Bridgeport bet

21 February, Friday

18:25 Augsburgvs.Krefeld bet
17:00 Canadavs.USA bet
12:00 Swedenvs.Finland bet

20 February, Thursday

17:00 Canadavs.USA bet
12:00 Swedenvs.Switzerland bet
16:00 Vitkovicevs.Slavia Prague bet
15:00 Dizelvs.Rubin Tyumen bet
15:00 Kubanvs.Buran Voronezh bet
15:00 Ryazanvs.Sputnik bet
15:00 VMFvs.Tytan bet
15:00 Dynamo Balashikhavs.Kristall Saratov bet
14:30 Ariada-Akparsvs.Ermak bet
14:30 Sarovvs.Zauralie bet
14:30 Ladavs.Sokol Krasnoyarsk bet
14:30 Neftyanikvs.Kazzinc-Torpedo bet
13:00 Saryarkavs.Toros bet
12:30 Yuzhny Uralvs.Izhstal bet
11:00 Chelmetvs.Molot-Prikamye bet
13:00 Snezhnye Barsyvs.Omskiye Yastreby bet
00:00 Wilkes-Barrevs.Binghamton Senators bet
00:00 Rochestervs.Iowa Wild bet

19 February, Wednesday

17:00 Canadavs.Latvia bet
17:00 USAvs.Czech Republic bet
12:30 Russiavs.Finland bet
08:00 Swedenvs.Slovenia bet
00:00 Charlotte Checkersvs.Norfolk bet
00:00 Portlandvs.St. John's IceC. bet

18 February, Tuesday

19:30 Cortinavs.Asiago bet
17:00 Switzerlandvs.Latvia bet
17:00 Czech Republicvs.Slovakia bet
12:30 Russiavs.Norway bet
12:30 Russiavs.Finland bet
08:00 Austriavs.Slovenia bet

17 February, Monday

17:00 Canadavs.Switzerland bet
12:30 USAvs.Sweden bet

16 February, Sunday

22:00 Iowa Wildvs.Rockford bet
21:00 Portlandvs.Adirondack Phant. bet
21:00 Wilkes-Barrevs.Hershey bet
20:00 Rochestervs.Texas bet
20:00 Providencevs.Hartford Wolf Pack bet
20:00 Springfieldvs.Worcester bet
20:00 Manchestervs.St. John's IceC. bet
20:00 Bridgeportvs.Albany bet
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