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15 September, Monday

09:00 Amurvs.Salavat Yulaev bet
13:00 Sibirvs.Barys bet
13:00 Metallurg Nkvs.Avangard bet
14:00 Traktorvs.SKA bet
14:30 Yugravs.Jokerit bet
16:00 Ladavs.Dynamo Riga bet
16:00 Sochivs.Avtomobilist bet
16:00 Lokomotiv Yvs.Aq Bars bet
16:30 Vityazvs.Metallurg Mg bet
14:00 Molot-Prikamyevs.SKA-Karelia bet
16:00 Buran Voronezhvs.Dizel bet
18:00 Linkoepingvs.Djurgardens bet

16 September, Tuesday

12:00 Sokol Krasnoyarskvs.Bars bet
13:30 Chelmetvs.Zauralie bet
16:30 Atlantvs.CSKA Moscow bet
17:30 Medvescakvs.Torpedo NN bet
18:00 Slovan Bratislavavs.Severstal bet

17 September, Wednesday

09:00 Amurvs.Avangard bet
10:00 Admiralvs.Barys bet
13:00 Metallurg Nkvs.Salavat Yulaev bet
14:00 Traktorvs.Dynamo Riga bet
14:30 Yugravs.SKA bet
16:00 Neftekhimikvs.Jokerit bet
16:00 Sochivs.Aq Bars bet
16:00 Lokomotiv Yvs.Avtomobilist bet
16:30 Dynamo Moscowvs.Metallurg Mg bet
15:30 Sarovvs.Ryazan bet
16:00 THCvs.Dynamo Balashikha bet
16:00 Kubanvs.Lipetsk bet

18 September, Thursday

09:00 Amurvs.Avangard bet
10:00 Admiralvs.Barys bet
16:30 Atlantvs.Torpedo NN bet
17:00 Dynamo Mnvs.Severstal bet
17:30 Medvescakvs.CSKA Moscow bet
13:30 Kazzinc-Torpedovs.Ermak bet
14:00 Rubin Tyumenvs.Toros bet
14:00 Sputnikvs.Izhstal bet
15:30 Neftyanikvs.Saryarka bet
15:30 Ariada-Akparsvs.Yuzhny Ural bet

19 September, Friday

13:00 Sibirvs.Salavat Yulaev bet
14:30 Yugravs.Dynamo Riga bet
16:00 Neftekhimikvs.SKA bet
16:00 Ladavs.Jokerit bet
16:00 Sochivs.Metallurg Mg bet
16:30 Dynamo Moscowvs.Avtomobilist bet
16:30 Vityazvs.Aq Bars bet
16:00 Dizelvs.Sarov bet
16:00 THCvs.Lipetsk bet
16:00 Kubanvs.Buran Voronezh bet
16:00 SKA-Kareliavs.Dynamo Balashikha bet
18:15 Krefeldvs.Munich bet

20 September, Saturday

12:00 Rubin Tyumenvs.Izhstal bet
12:00 Kazzinc-Torpedovs.Sokol Krasnoyarsk bet
12:00 Zauralievs.Toros bet
12:00 Sputnikvs.Molot-Prikamye bet
14:00 Ariada-Akparsvs.Saryarka bet
14:00 Neftyanikvs.Chelmet bet
14:00 Barsvs.Yuzhny Ural bet
14:00 Atlantvs.Severstal bet
15:00 Dynamo Mnvs.Torpedo NN bet
16:00 Slovan Bratislavavs.CSKA Moscow bet

21 September, Sunday

12:00 Barysvs.Metallurg Nk bet
14:00 Dynamo Moscowvs.Traktor bet
16:30 Medvescakvs.Lada bet
14:00 Kubanvs.Dynamo Balashikha bet
14:00 SKA-Kareliavs.Lipetsk bet
14:00 THCvs.Buran Voronezh bet
14:00 Ryazanvs.Dizel bet
16:45 Hamburgvs.Cologne bet
18:30 Columbusvs.Carolina bet
22:00 Buffalovs.Washington bet
23:30 Saint Louisvs.Columbus bet

22 September, Monday

01:00 Calgaryvs.Edmonton bet
11:00 Ermakvs.Sokol Krasnoyarsk bet
13:30 Zauralievs.Izhstal bet
14:00 Rubin Tyumenvs.Molot-Prikamye bet
14:00 Sputnikvs.Toros bet
15:30 Ariada-Akparsvs.Chelmet bet
15:30 Neftyanikvs.Yuzhny Ural bet
13:00 Avangardvs.Lokomotiv Y bet
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