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Japanese J-League

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28 August, Sunday

08:30 Kashima Antlers6-0Avispa Fukuoka bet
08:00 Vissel Kobe0-3Gamba Osaka bet
08:00 Cerezo Osaka3-1Urawa Red Diamonds bet

24 August, Wednesday

09:30 Yokohama F. Marinos2-1Cerezo Osaka bet
09:00 Urawa Red Diamonds1-1Sanfrecce Hiroshima bet
09:00 Kawasaki Frontale1-2Nagoya Grampus Eight bet
09:00 Gamba Osaka2-0Kashiwa Reysol bet

20 August, Saturday

09:00 Kashiwa Reysol3-2Avispa Fukuoka bet
09:00 Omiya Ardija1-1Montedio Yamagata bet
09:00 Nagoya Grampus Eight0-1Vegalta Sendai bet
08:30 Kashima Antlers2-0Sanfrecce Hiroshima bet
08:00 Ventforet Kofuvs.Urawa Red Diamonds bet
08:00 Gamba Osaka6-3Kawasaki Frontale bet

17 August, Wednesday

09:00 Gamba Osaka2-2Nagoya Grampus Eight bet
09:00 Kashima Antlers2-1Cerezo Osaka bet

14 August, Sunday

08:00 Albirex Niigata2-3Urawa Red Diamonds bet

13 August, Saturday

09:00 Vissel Kobevs.Yokohama F. Marinos bet
09:00 Cerezo Osaka1-1Gamba Osaka bet
09:00 Vegalta Sendai0-1Kashima Antlers bet

7 August, Sunday

09:00 Nagoya Grampus Eightvs.Jubilo Iwata bet
08:00 Gamba Osaka2-0Avispa Fukuoka bet

6 August, Saturday

09:00 Urawa Red Diamondsvs.Vissel Kobe bet
08:30 Kashima Antlers3-1Montedio Yamagata bet

31 July, Sunday

09:00 Avispa Fukuoka0-3Nagoya Grampus Eight bet
09:00 Vegalta Sendai0-0Kashiwa Reysol bet
08:00 Cerezo Osaka1-2Kashima Antlers bet
08:00 Cerezo Osaka1-2Kashima Antlers bet

30 July, Saturday

09:00 Yokohama F. Marinos2-1Omiya Ardija bet
09:00 Jubilo Iwata1-2Gamba Osaka bet
09:00 Kawasaki Frontale0-1Urawa Red Diamonds bet

27 July, Wednesday

09:00 Vegalta Sendaivs.Kashiwa Reysol bet
09:00 Kashima Antlers1-4Gamba Osaka bet

18 July, Monday

08:00 Sanfrecce Hiroshimavs.Avispa Fukuoka bet

17 July, Sunday

09:00 Omiya Ardijavs.Yokohama F. Marinos bet
09:00 Jubilo Iwatavs.Urawa Red Diamonds bet

16 July, Saturday

09:00 Kawasaki Frontalevs.Kashiwa Reysol bet
08:30 Ventforet Kofuvs.Gamba Osaka bet

10 July, Sunday

09:00 Sanfrecce Hiroshimavs.Cerezo Osaka bet
08:30 Kashima Antlersvs.Albirex Niigata bet

9 July, Saturday

09:00 Kashiwa Reysolvs.Vegalta Sendai bet
09:00 Vissel Kobevs.Nagoya Grampus Eight bet
09:00 Kawasaki Frontalevs.Avispa Fukuoka bet
09:00 Kashima Antlersvs.Vegalta Sendai bet

3 July, Sunday

09:00 Jubilo Iwata3-0Vissel Kobe bet

2 July, Saturday

09:00 Cerezo Osaka5-0Kashiwa Reysol bet
08:00 Urawa Red Diamonds1-1Gamba Osaka bet
04:00 Vegalta Sendaivs.Nagoya Grampus Eight bet

26 June, Sunday

08:30 Shimizu S-Pulsevs.Vegalta Sendai bet
08:00 Gamba Osaka5-2Sanfrecce Hiroshima bet

25 June, Saturday

09:00 Avispa Fukuokavs.Jubilo Iwata bet
09:00 Ventforet Kofuvs.Kashiwa Reysol bet
09:00 Nagoya Grampus Eightvs.Urawa Red Diamonds bet
08:30 Kashima Antlers2-1Kawasaki Frontale bet

22 June, Wednesday

09:00 Kashiwa Reysol2-4Gamba Osaka bet
09:00 Vissel Kobe0-1Kashima Antlers bet
09:00 Urawa Red Diamonds3-0Avispa Fukuoka bet
04:00 Vegalta Sendai4-0Ventforet Kofu bet

18 June, Saturday

09:00 Kawasaki Frontalevs.Sanfrecce Hiroshima bet
09:00 Albirex Niigatavs.Vegalta Sendai bet
09:00 Kashima Antlers2-0Jubilo Iwata bet
08:00 Urawa Red Diamonds1-3Shimizu S-Pulse bet
08:00 Gamba Osaka2-1Yokohama F. Marinos bet

15 June, Wednesday

09:00 Kashima Antlersvs.Ventforet Kofu bet
09:00 Nagoya Grampus Eightvs.Albirex Niigata bet
04:00 Vegalta Sendaivs.Gamba Osaka bet

11 June, Saturday

09:00 Omiya Ardija2-2Urawa Red Diamonds bet
09:00 Gamba Osaka2-2Shimizu S-Pulse bet
04:00 Jubilo Iwatavs.Nagoya Grampus Eight bet

5 June, Sunday

05:00 Urawa Red Diamonds2-0Montedio Yamagata bet

29 May, Sunday

09:00 Sanfrecce Hiroshima2-1Kashima Antlers bet
06:00 Kawasaki Frontale1-1Gamba Osaka bet
03:00 Cerezo Osaka0-1Omiya Ardija bet

28 May, Saturday

06:00 Ventforet Kofu1-1Montedio Yamagata bet
04:00 Urawa Red Diamonds1-1Albirex Niigata bet

22 May, Sunday

06:00 Omiya Ardija0-4Shimizu S-Pulse bet
03:00 Montedio Yamagata0-1Vegalta Sendai bet

21 May, Saturday

09:00 Gamba Osaka2-1Albirex Niigata bet
06:00 Urawa Red Diamondsvs.Kashima Antlers bet
04:00 Jubilo Iwatavs.Avispa Fukuoka bet

20 May, Friday

09:00 Cerezo Osaka3-3Kawasaki Frontale bet
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