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Indian I-League

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28 April, Monday

14:00 Punevs.Dempo bet
13:00 Ynayted SKvs.East Bengal bet
13:00 SC Goavs.Bengaluru bet
13:00 Salgaocarvs.Churchill Brothers bet

27 April, Sunday

14:30 Punevs.Dempo bet
14:30 Mumbaivs.Mohammedan bet
12:30 Mohun Baganvs.Shillong Lajong bet
11:00 Mumbaivs.Mohammedan bet

26 April, Saturday

12:30 SC Goavs.Bengaluru bet

21 April, Monday

13:00 Dempovs.Bengaluru bet

19 April, Saturday

14:30 Punevs.East Bengal bet
12:30 Churchill Brothersvs.Sikkim bet
12:15 Churchill Brothersvs.Ynayted SK bet

16 April, Wednesday

12:30 Churchill Brothersvs.East Bengal bet

13 April, Sunday

14:30 Mumbaivs.Churchill Brothers bet
10:30 Mohammedanvs.Rangdajied Utd bet

12 April, Saturday

12:30 East Bengalvs.Pune bet

6 April, Sunday

12:30 SC Goavs.Churchill Brothers bet
11:30 Mohun Baganvs.Bengaluru bet

5 April, Saturday

12:30 Mohammedanvs.East Bengal bet

4 April, Friday

14:30 Punevs.Salgaocar bet

30 March, Sunday

12:30 East Bengalvs.SC Goa bet

28 March, Friday

12:30 Churchill Brothersvs.Dempo bet
10:30 Bengaluruvs.Pune bet

26 March, Wednesday

09:30 East Bengalvs.Mumbai bet

23 March, Sunday

11:30 SC Goavs.Mohun Bagan bet

22 March, Saturday

11:30 Salgaocarvs.Ynayted SK bet
11:30 Salgaocarvs.Sikkim bet

16 March, Sunday

11:30 Dempovs.Salgaocar bet

15 March, Saturday

11:30 SC Goavs.Mumbai bet

14 March, Friday

11:30 East Bengalvs.Shillong Lajong bet

11 March, Tuesday

11:30 East Bengalvs.Mohammedan bet

8 March, Saturday

12:30 Dempovs.SC Goa bet
10:30 Bengaluruvs.Churchill Brothers bet
09:30 Mohammedanvs.Mohun Bagan bet

1 March, Saturday

11:30 East Bengalvs.Mohun Bagan bet

28 February, Friday

12:30 Salgaocarvs.Shillong Lajong bet

23 February, Sunday

12:40 Dempovs.East Bengal bet
10:30 Bengaluruvs.Mumbai bet

22 February, Saturday

12:30 Mohammedanvs.Salgaocar bet

18 February, Tuesday

12:30 East Bengalvs.Churchill Brothers bet

16 February, Sunday

13:30 Punevs.SC Goa bet
11:30 Salgaocarvs.Mohun Bagan bet

23 January, Thursday

14:00 SC Goavs.Dempo bet

20 January, Monday

13:30 Churchill Brothersvs.Pune bet
11:05 Prayag Unitedvs.East Bengal bet

17 January, Friday

13:30 East Bengalvs.Churchill Brothers bet

15 January, Wednesday

13:30 Mohun Baganvs.Mumbai bet

21 December, Saturday

11:30 Mohun Baganvs.Pune bet
11:30 Mumbaivs.Pune bet
09:30 Bengaluruvs.Salgaocar bet

15 December, Sunday

09:30 Bengaluruvs.East Bengal bet

14 December, Saturday

10:00 SC Goavs.Shillong Lajong bet

11 December, Wednesday

10:00 Salgaocarvs.East Bengal bet

10 December, Tuesday

11:30 Prayag Unitedvs.Dempo bet

7 December, Saturday

12:30 Punevs.Mumbai bet
10:00 SC Goavs.Dempo bet

6 December, Friday

12:00 Mohun Baganvs.Prayag United bet
10:00 Churchill Brothersvs.Bengaluru bet

2 December, Monday

12:30 Mumbaivs.East Bengal bet

1 December, Sunday

12:30 Punevs.Prayag United bet
10:00 Salgaocarvs.SC Goa bet

30 November, Saturday

11:30 Mohammedanvs.Dempo bet

6 November, Wednesday

12:00 Shillong Lajongvs.Mohun Bagan bet
10:00 Dempovs.Churchill Brothers bet

1 November, Friday

10:00 Dempovs.Mohun Bagan bet

26 October, Saturday

10:00 East Bengalvs.Bengaluru bet

24 October, Thursday

12:30 Mohammedanvs.Prayag United bet

19 October, Saturday

14:30 Punevs.Churchill Brothers bet
12:30 Mohun Baganvs.SC Goa bet

17 October, Thursday

10:00 East Bengalvs.Dempo bet

10 October, Thursday

14:25 Punevs.Mohun Bagan bet
11:30 Bengaluruvs.Mohammedan bet

9 October, Wednesday

14:30 Mumbaivs.Prayag United bet
11:30 Salgaocarvs.Dempo bet

6 October, Sunday

11:30 Bengaluruvs.Prayag United bet

5 October, Saturday

13:00 East Bengalvs.Pune bet
11:00 Churchill Brothersvs.Mumbai bet

29 September, Sunday

11:30 Bengaluruvs.Rangdajied Utd bet

28 September, Saturday

11:30 Churchill Brothersvs.Mohun Bagan bet
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