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10 December, Wednesday

19:45 Barcelonavs.PSG bet
19:45 Athletic Clubvs.BATE bet
19:45 Romavs.Manchester City bet
19:45 Chelseavs.Sporting bet
19:45 Ajaxvs.APOEL bet
19:45 Portovs.Shakhtar Dn bet
19:45 Bayernvs.CSKA Moscow bet

9 December, Tuesday

19:45 Galatasarayvs.Arsenal bet
19:45 Monacovs.Zenit bet
19:45 Real Madridvs.Ludogorets bet
19:45 Dortmundvs.Anderlecht bet
19:45 Benficavs.Leverkusen bet
19:45 Liverpoolvs.Basel bet
19:45 Juventusvs.Atletico Madrid bet
19:45 Olympiacosvs.Malmoe bet

26 November, Wednesday

19:45 Atletico Madridvs.Olympiacos bet
19:45 Leverkusenvs.Monaco bet
19:45 Malmoevs.Juventus bet
19:45 Anderlechtvs.Galatasaray bet
19:45 Baselvs.Real Madrid bet
19:45 Ludogoretsvs.Liverpool bet
19:45 Arsenalvs.Dortmund bet
17:00 Zenitvs.Benfica bet

25 November, Tuesday

19:45 Schalke 04vs.Chelsea bet
19:45 APOELvs.Barcelona bet
19:45 Manchester Cityvs.Bayern bet
19:45 Shakhtar Dnvs.Athletic Club bet
19:45 PSGvs.Ajax bet
17:00 CSKA Moscowvs.Roma bet
17:00 BATEvs.Porto bet

5 November, Wednesday

19:45 PSGvs.APOEL bet
19:45 Bayernvs.Roma bet
19:45 Athletic Clubvs.Porto bet
19:45 Shakhtar Dnvs.BATE bet
19:45 Mariborvs.Chelsea bet
19:45 Manchester Cityvs.CSKA Moscow bet
19:45 Ajaxvs.Barcelona bet

4 November, Tuesday

19:45 Arsenalvs.Anderlecht bet
19:45 Real Madridvs.Liverpool bet
19:45 Benficavs.Monaco bet
19:45 Baselvs.Ludogorets bet
19:45 Dortmundvs.Galatasaray bet
19:45 Juventusvs.Olympiacos bet
17:00 Zenitvs.Leverkusen bet

31 October, Friday

08:30 Melbourne Cityvs.Adelaide United bet

26 October, Sunday

06:00 Adelaide Unitedvs.Perth Glory bet
04:00 Wellingtonvs.Newcastle Jets bet

25 October, Saturday

09:30 Melbourne Victoryvs.Melbourne City bet
07:00 Western Sydneyvs.CC Mariners bet

24 October, Friday

10:00 Brisbane Roarvs.Sydney bet

22 October, Wednesday

19:45 Galatasarayvs.Dortmund bet
19:45 Ludogoretsvs.Basel bet
19:45 Olympiacosvs.Juventus bet
19:45 Monacovs.Benfica bet
19:45 Anderlechtvs.Arsenal bet
19:45 Leverkusenvs.Zenit bet
19:45 Liverpoolvs.Real Madrid bet
01:00 Taurovs.DC United bet
01:00 Americavs.Comunicaciones bet

21 October, Tuesday

19:45 BATEvs.Shakhtar Dn bet
19:45 Chelseavs.Maribor bet
19:45 Barcelonavs.Ajax bet
19:45 Romavs.Bayern bet
19:45 Portovs.Athletic Club bet
19:45 APOELvs.PSG bet
17:00 CSKA Moscowvs.Manchester City bet

19 October, Sunday

05:00 Perth Gloryvs.Brisbane Roar bet
03:00 Melbourne Cityvs.Newcastle Jets bet

18 October, Saturday

07:30 Sydneyvs.Western Sydney bet
05:00 CC Marinersvs.Wellington bet

17 October, Friday

07:30 Adelaide Unitedvs.Melbourne Victory bet

14 October, Tuesday

23:00 Godoy Cruzvs.Tigre bet

12 October, Sunday

05:00 Brisbane Roarvs.Adelaide United bet
03:00 Wellingtonvs.Perth Glory bet
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